Jen Psaki Gets Busted Exaggerating Deals With Foreign Countries at Border

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Earlier in the week, Jen Psaki touted agreements made with Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, suggesting those deals would help to reduce the influx of illegal aliens flooding the border.


You can listen to her here, talking about the agreements with the countries to increase their soldiers at their various borders to help to interdict the flow of illegal aliens before they reach the U.S. border.

Psaki said it was fair to say that these agreements had been reached over the series of the past few weeks, although she didn’t appear to completely restrict it to the last few weeks. Was she talking about agreements under President Donald Trump, which Biden previously had seemed to undo?

But then, when the special envoy to the area of the Northern Triangle, Richard Zuniga, was questioned before Congress about what agreements had, in fact, been reached, he said there hadn’t been any “concluded with governments regarding border security,” the Washington Examiner reported, contrary to what Psaki had led people to believe during the prior press briefing.


So naturally, a reporter asked Jen Psaki yesterday, what gives? Could she explain the discrepancy?

Psaki then tried to claim she’d never said there was any “formal agreement.”

Psaki said to the reporters:

“Whether or not it was a formal agreement, which it was not, and I never conveyed that it was, these were steps that these countries indicated they plan to take to increase personnel and security to reduce the number of migrants coming across the border.”

Psaki, of course, did convey there were agreements. But, now the envoy said there were no such frameworks in place. So ,what exactly was agreed to, if anything? And why are they trying to spin what should be a simple question?

My guess? They were trying to positively spin discussions that had no real agreement to them, but were just talk. Or perhaps they were trying to spin prior Trump agreements/discussions. Then, the Biden team got nailed by the envoy being honest. Either way, it’s surely sounding like some serious malarkey going on here.


If they are willing to exaggerate something of this nature, and have the audacity to spin what Psaki clearly said, then who can really trust anything they are saying?

Just another note, since talking with other countries about the border was supposed to be Kamala Harris’ assignment. That means not only hasn’t she gone to the border yet, but if you previously thought she was involved in brokering anything based on what Jen Psaki said, you’d be wrong, Harris apparently hasn’t concluded any agreements. So what has Kamala or Biden achieved? Squat.



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