Antifa Smashes Businesses, Sets Fire at Apple Store That Previously Promoted BLM

Fire set at Apple Store in Portland, Oregon. Credit: Willamette Week.

Some businesses have been bending over backward for some time to help promote the BLM in Portland, Oregon, perhaps hoping that doing so would spare the businesses from being targeted with riot violence.

Among those businesses has been the Portland Apple store, which gave BLM supporters a platform to paint a mural on the side of their building with BLM pictures and sayings.

Notice how they painted Breonna Taylor’s name and likeness on the mural. Her mother just blasted BLM as a “fraud” in a Facebook post.

So, that would protect the Apple store from rioters because the company showed it cared, right?

Well, not so much. Last night, after a police shooting in Portland and yet the umpteenth riot, Antifa smashed up a lot of businesses yet again and set multiple things on fire. Among the things was the construction site at the Apple store. How’d promoting the BLM work out for them? This is how.

A group of several hundred people marched through the city smashing and looting businesses.

From Willamette Week:

Protesters who for nearly a year have demanded the defunding or abolition of the Portland Police Bureau responded to the fatal shooting by carving a trail of property destruction through downtown. The spree lasted into Saturday morning. They shattered windows of banks, restaurants and a church, wrote “No More History” on the Oregon Historical Society’s front entrance, and faced off with riot police in streets near the upscale Pioneer Place mall.

They also set fires—in dumpsters, in a portable toilet, and in a construction site outside the Apple Store.

Willamette Week called it a “scale of destruction” even beyond what there has been all year with riots in Portland. Four people were arrested.

This pretty much says it all:

They don’t care what Apple or other businesses may have done to help the “cause.” They don’t care that Apple donated to BLM. It’s about bringing as much chaos as they possibly can to push everything further left and destroying our history.

But remember, Antifa is “just an idea,” according to Joe Biden.

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