Hunter Biden Completely Loses His Mind in Ironic Attack on Trump Children

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Sometimes, media has to make you laugh at the things they try to sell people.

Vanity Fair certainly did that with their recent story about Hunter Biden talking about President Donald Trump’s children.

It’s real:

From Vanity Fair:

“Do you think if any of the Trump children ever tried to get a job outside of their father’s business that his name wouldn’t figure into the calculation? My response has always been to work harder so that my accomplishments stand on their own,” he writes.

This is actually pretty hilarious if you’ve read Hunter’s emails and seen what a mess he is.

Hunter tells the Trump children to get a job “without their daddy’s help?” Um, is he completely lacking in self-awareness? Hunter’s whole life seems to have been trading off daddy’s name. Exactly who would want him but for his name being Biden? People generally aren’t hot to hire people who were crackheads and have had as many problems as Hunter has had. If he didn’t have daddy, he’d be completely lost.

Meanwhile, the Trump children are all highly successful, not crack addicts, not searching for crack and smoking the parmesan cheese from the rug.

Let’s hear from Hunter himself when asked if he thinks that he would have gotten his position on the board of Burisma if his last name hadn’t been Biden.

Trump and Trump’s children didn’t build their wealth off Daddy being a politician, they already were wealthy and Trump may be one of the few politicians who lost money being a politician.

Just a reminder, too: It’s Hunter Biden who’s being investigated by the FBI; that Joe Biden used transition team resources to announce that and come to his defense. That same Joe Biden said his team would be avoiding such conflicts in his position, that he never inserted himself in his son’s business.

Not to mention a whole phalanx of media like Vanity Fair now covering Hunter’s butt, pushing his book, and helping his reputation remodeling tour. None of which he would have, but for his daddy and his last name being Biden.

The whole attack on the Trump children is to deflect from all of his own issues.

Crack is most definitely whack.

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