Donald Trump, Jr's Perfect Response to Jimmy Kimmel and Hunter Biden's Attack on Him

As I reported earlier today, Jimmy Kimmel gave Hunter Biden a venue last night on his show to push his new book and try to reform his image.

Hunter tried to sell that he had the Burisma board position because of his own sterling experience. Because every board needs a crackhead, apparently. Kimmel suggested that this was all just “Republicans pounce” meat, as opposed to the real conflict of interest that it truly is.


But of course, he was sort of arguing against his more honest self, since he previously acknowledged he likely wouldn’t have gotten the board position had his last name not been Biden.

Biden also played this ‘I don’t know if the laptop is really mine’ game which, as I pointed out, sort of belies his claim that he was put on the Burisma board because of his sterling judgment. If he was so delusional that he doesn’t even know, then how was he really capable of being on a board?

They even tried to make it all about Donald Trump Jr., as if anything Trump Jr — who’s been very successful — has done comes anywhere close to the implosion that is Hunter Biden.

You know that Trump Jr. wasn’t going to take that and was going to respond.


His response was actually pretty close to the comment I made in the earlier story and right on point.

Perfect! That’s a reference to Hunter’s admission from his CBS interview that he spent a lot of time smoking parmesan cheese while searching the rug for any crack.

One would think ‘an awful lot,’ if they think that anyone except the most rabid Democratic partisan is going to fall for this disgusting make-over attempt. Does anyone really doubt what Kimmel would have said if Trump Jr had done half of what Hunter has done? Kimmel and the rest of the media would have had him drawn and quartered.

If we truly have any bit of an FBI left, this effort would justifiably blow up in their face with some real action. But unfortunately, I wouldn’t bet any money on anything from the FBI in the future in regards to Hunter Biden.

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