That Crazy Admission That Hunter Biden Made on CBS

Democrats were always trying to spin conspiracies and things that were just flat-out nonsense about President Donald Trump and his family, the biggest, of course, being Russia collusion.


Joe Biden and his family were going to bring back “normalcy,” they claimed.

Some normalcy. They want to do away with laws at the border, rules in the Senate, pack the Supreme Court, eliminate state control of elections, just to name a few of the political things by which they seek to lock in their control.

Oh, and on the family front, Hunter Biden admitted in his CBS interview that he smoked parmesan cheese thinking it was crack.

“I spent more time on my hands and knees picking through rugs smoking anything that resembled crack cocaine. I probably smoked more Parmesan cheese than anyone, than anyone you know, Tracy,” Hunter told CBS’s Tracy Smith.

I mean let’s be honest, haven’t you smoked parmesan cheese when you were looking for the crack you misplaced or completely smoked up? Well, I mean, at least after you got the stripper pregnant and canoodled with your dead brother’s wife while allegedly sending raunchy texts to her sister? Trump’s kids are just pikers compared to this guy. And that’s not even getting into any of the political issues of his connections to foreign business partners and how much that might have compromised him and the big guy.


But hey, this is the “feel sorry for me” victim tour, where they dump out all the dirt, say he’s reformed, therefore we’re all “past” any Hunter questions. Just don’t look behind the curtain as to any of those foreign questions and what they might ultimately mean.

But some folks weren’t buying into this whole show, noting how, while Hunter appears to have skated on virtually anything he’s done, Joe Biden was moving to lock up folks for 5 years for having tiny pieces of crack. Where’s Hunter’s five years, fat?

Remember when Joe Biden said that Hunter was the smartest person he knew? That’s when you knew we are truly up a creek without a paddle.

But hey, just remember, no mean tweets and “normalcy.” At least Hunter wasn’t cracking open the cheddar, right?


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