Jen Psaki Gives One Heck of a Stereotype of 'White Conservatives' and Getting Vaccinated

As we reported earlier, Jen Psaki stumbled over a basic truth about the mixed messages that they have been sending out on the vaccines, that while they are encouraging vaccination, they’re also suggesting that even after vaccination, you still have to keep up all precautions that you would without vaccination. Not very encouraging messaging.


But on Monday, Jen Psaki did say that they were trying to build confidence in the vaccine in various “communities.” Among the “communities” that Psaki said the Biden regime was reaching out to convince were white conservative communities, including them among the persons most in need of a reach out. She then proceeded to give one heck of a stereotype about those “communities.”

“Often people think of that as just black and brown communities and that is not,” Psaki exclaimed. “As you’ve noted, also conservative communities, white evangelicals. It’s a range of communities around the country.”

“We’ve run PSAs on the Deadliest Catch, we’re engaged with NASCAR and Country Music TV,” Psaki declared.

Sure does sound like they’re saying white conservatives are too darn stupid to understand about them there vaccines. Not to mention “black and brown communities.”

They really are beyond parody at this point. Straight-up racist. The only stereotype they appear to have missed there was  Waffle House or Cracker Barrel. They really think that’s what white conservatives are about — not to mention, of course, that conservatives aren’t only white. They are such prejudiced condescending so-and-sos without any cause to be. Plus the assumption that conservatives wouldn’t want to get the vaccine when there are a variety of reactions to it on all sides of the political spectrum.


$3 billion specifically is being spent on all of this, going to strengthening vaccine confidence.

Sure sounding like she hasn’t.

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