Meghan Markle Demonstrates Just How Hypocritical a BLM Supporter Can Be

(Australian Pool via AP)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made it clear that they support the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.K. and in the United States, with Markle even calling it a “beautiful movement,” probably not the first word that would come to my mind.


Markle, who inked a multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix, has even pitched a movie about the life of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, the “trained Marxist.” Markle allegedly said she was “hugely inspired” by Cullors and thought that her story “needs to be told.”

I wrote yesterday that Cullors recently acquired a $1.4 million house in the Topanga Canyon area of Los Angeles, an area that’s virtually all white. She and the leadership have gotten a lot of complaints from the activists in the streets about how they’re not getting enough funding and there’s no transparency as to where the vast sums of money that have come pouring into the group have gone. Some folks are more equal than others, it seems, and wonder where all the money went?

Markle hasn’t been shy about promoting the BLM, one of whose main arguments is to defund the police, something most Americans are not in favor of, with good reason.

But one of the things that we’ve frequently seen with BLM supporters is that when they’re faced with danger or problems, who is it that they immediately call? You got it, it’s the police.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office has responded to nine calls from the couple’s home in the past nine months, including twice on Christmas Day for a trespasser.

Officers were called four times in July last year, with one call is logged as a phone request while the others are labeled ‘alarm activations’ in the early hours of the morning. In August there was a ‘Misc Priority Incdnt’ and in November there was another alarm.


Now they’re not exactly living in a crime-ridden area, living among a number of other stars in the luxury neighborhood near Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. But because of their high public profile, they likely do have some legitimate concerns. Their royal security ended when Harry stepped down from his royal role and they moved permanently to the U.S. I have absolutely no issue with her calling the police. But does she get that her buddies are making it harder for regular people to do exactly that?

Part of the reason that BLM has gotten power and been given a ton of money is folks like Markle who don’t seem to understand what the consequences of their actions are. We’ve seen the results in places like Minneapolis, where the police were cut back because of the BLM, and crime shot up, hurting the very people that BLM pretends to care about. To start with, folks in Minneapolis didn’t have police at the ready that Meghan has in tony Santa Barbara. But now the BLM’s actions have made it even worse.

But hey, Meghan and Harry care, and that’s the important thing.


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