Fauci Details What You Shouldn't Do Even If Fully Vaccinated

Erin Scott/Pool via AP

Some states, particularly in the south, have seen their Wuhan coronavirus numbers dropping and have dropped government-mandated restrictions.

We observed how NBC committed an “act our journalism,” asking questions about why some of the states who still had strict restrictions had numbers that were surging while some of the states who had lifted restrictions were still seeing their numbers drop.


The number of folks vaccinated is now over 114 million with at least one shot, with over 68 million being fully vaccinated according to the CDC.

So that sounds like great news toward more opening up, right?

Business Insider ran a piece on ‘What Would Fauci Do’ — and “not so fast,” says Dr. Anthony Fauci, as he described his behavior prior to getting vaccinated and then after when he was fully vaccinated.

Fauci said that prior to getting vaccinated, he got together with his neighbors right next door, but they stayed socially distanced and outdoors, even if it was freezing.

How has he changed that behavior? Now he says since getting vaccinated they gather indoors without masks and have had physical contact. But he says he’s still leery about a lot of other activities.


Still no crowded places.


He’s still doing pretty much the same thing.

That’s not very encouraging when you’re trying to get people vaccinated, the whole point of which is that it gives you some protection. Media may still be pushing the WWFD, but states are vaccinating, dropping mandated restrictions, and opening up, and things are getting better whether some want to keep everyone locked down forever or not.

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