Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Orders Investigation Into Sexual Assault and Abuse of Children at Biden Migrant Facility

Gov. Greg Abbott makes announcement at migrant detention facility - 4-7-21

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is demanding that Joe Biden close a federal migrant facility that it threw up in San Antonio to house illegal alien children.

Abbott announced at a press conference that he’d received information that the children at the Freeman Coliseum facility were being sexually abused. There are 1370 children at the facility, according to the Daily Mail.


Abbott explained that complaints had come into the Department of Health and Human Services as well as the Texas Department of Family and Protective services listing four different kinds of child abuse. The agencies then informed the state political leadership including him.

Abbot said in addition to the sexual abuse, the children weren’t eating enough, virus positive kids weren’t being separated from the other children and there weren’t enough people to take care of all the kids. He called it a “health and safety nightmare” and said that the Biden regime had “caused this crisis and failed to address it” and was “now presiding over the abuse of children.”

Abbott called for an immediate investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers into the abuse and he said all this was directly attributable to Biden’s border policies.

So where are Joe Biden and his border queen, Kamala Harris? What are they doing to address this? What have they actually done to stop any of the problems going on at the border? They are responsible for this and their policies are encouraging still more kids to come in. They’re not making any moves to stop the harmful policies like expelling unaccompanied minor children. They’ve told the world unaccompanied minors will be allowed in (although they may not get to ultimately stay). Those coming are believing now is the time to come, no matter the dangers.


Kamala Harris hasn’t even taken any questions since being put in charge of dealing with aspects of the border. But at least she was well-fed when she went to Chicago and visited a bakery. Jen Psaki justified it by saying essentially everyone has the right to get a snack. Neither Harris nor Biden has gone to the border.

Prepare for what you know is going to be an interesting exchange when Peter Doocy asks Jen Psaki about this tomorrow and demands to know what they intend to do about it? How Kamala Harris and Joe Biden going to be addressing it? You know the spin is coming…


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