Family Gets Booted From Plane for 2-Yr-Old Not Wearing Mask While Eating, but There's a Satisfying Twist

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

While some airlines seem to have no problem inserting themselves into political controversies on behalf of the Democratic agenda, like United Airlines did earlier today in regard to the Georgia election law, some airlines also seem to have issues with just doing what it is they’re supposed to be there for — flying people from place to place without problems.

In what appears to be an incredible reaction to a little two-year-old girl not wearing a mask while eating on a plane, a male steward on a Spirit Airlines flight out of Orlando wanted a Jewish family to get off the plane, despite the mother being seven months pregnant and the family having another child who was special needs, because the child was “non-compliant” with the mask requirement. An attendant then told the family that they needed to deplane.

You can hear the folks in the neighboring seats try to come to the family’s defense and say that the child had been wearing a mask, but at that point, she was eating, also that other babies weren’t wearing masks. The attendant then says she’s going to get the police.

According to reports, the entire planeload of people was forced to deplane as a result, including the family’s seven-year-old special needs son.

Now, this is remarkably stupid and pointless to put the family and everyone else through all this.

But, as it turns out, there was a bit of a satisfying twist to the story.

Because after everyone deplaned and the police came, it turned out that they ended up escorting the male steward off the plane instead of the family. Not only that, the family and everyone else was allowed back on the flight and the airline announced there had been a slight “crew change” (presumably the steward getting the hook for his bad move).

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