United Airlines Flies Headfirst Into Trouble, Embracing Dem Talking Points on Georgia Election Law

(AP Photo/Mel Evans, file)

Once upon a time, companies did their best to avoid stepping into politics, knowing that it could be harmful to their bottom line, something companies are always concerned about.


But now, they seem to be completely embracing Democratic talking points, falsely thinking that’s going to save their bottom line. How wrong they are.

We saw Delta, Coke, and Major League Baseball all go over the slide on the new Georgia election law. Now United Airlines appears to want to join them in folly. If you thought their mission was about flying people places, think again. Apparently not.

“Our mission is to connect people and unite the world. We believe one of the most effective ways to do that is to engage in the democratic process, which begins with voting – a vital civic duty. America’s democracy is stronger when we’re all engaged, and every vote is properly counted.

Some have questioned the integrity of the nation’s election systems and are using it to justify stricter voting procedures, even though numerous studies have found zero credible evidence of widespread fraud in U.S. elections. Legislation that infringes on the right to vote of fellow Americans is wrong. We believe that leaders in both parties should work to protect the rights of eligible voters by making it easier and more convenient for them to cast a ballot and have it counted.”

Now it’s a statement that is trying to say something while not offending people. Bottom line, guys, it didn’t work.

What this shows is how easy it is for Democrats to employ their media buddies to help stampede companies into doing what they want, regardless of the facts and reality of the situation. And the companies have no principles when they do stuff like this. If you asked them to list what the allegedly problematic issues they thought existed in the new law were, they likely couldn’t even begin to tell you and it would be hard to do so since it actually expands voting.


Meanwhile, if their concern is showing IDs, which Democrats suggest is somehow racist, how is asking voters for IDs racist, but it’s not racist when United requires IDs to get on one of United’s flights? If that’s racist why is United complicit in requiring it before getting on their flights? Of course, most Americans, 72%, get that this is nonsense, perhaps United should be listening to that reality?

Meanwhile, the bill actually expands voting, it doesn’t lessen it. So if United is aiming that statement at the Georgia election law, then I guess they’re actually supportive of it, since it actually expands opportunities to early vote and has fewer restrictions than places like New York which is a big United hub.



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