CNBC Targets Florida Companies Which Haven’t Spoken up About ‘Restrictive Voting Bills’ in the State

We’ve been writing a lot about the biased CBS 60 Minutes report about Ron DeSantis, including how they deceptively edited a video debunking a pay to play claim they were trying to make.


But that wasn’t the only way recently that CBS stepped over the line, as I reported. CBS News wrote a piece actually encouraging activism against states like Georgia titled “3 ways companies can help fight Georgia’s restrictive new voting law,” listing the things that people could do to fight the law, including not donating to the Republicans who co-sponsored it.

Now CNBC sounds like it’s also heading in the same direction, with their piece on companies which hadn’t issued statements on Florida’s “restrictive voting bills.”


Why report on people who haven’t made statements except to try to stampede them into making a statement? The result would be to have people target them and/or get them not to contribute to Republicans. It’s waving a flag, essentially saying to pressure these folks next. Not to mention that in their long article on the subject, while they list some of the things in the bill, they don’t explain how any of the things constitute voter suppression. How is making sure that a drop box is secure, for example, inhibiting voters in any way? Unless of course you don’t want the drop box to be secure or want to tamper with it, then yes, it’s inhibiting cheating.

Political strategist Tim Cameron also made a great point about the apparent effort to target companies like Disney with such pressure. He noted that they were missing a company: CNBC’s parent company, Comcast Corporation, since they’ve also similarly donated to Florida politicians.


Of course the reason is clear, because the point isn’t about the donation or the company, it’s about trying to shame and harm Republicans in Florida, an increasingly red state. It’s the same reason that the MLB moved the All Star from Georgia to Colorado when their election law also has things which Democrats have claimed are somehow objectionable in the Georgia law. It was all about attacking Republicans.

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