CBS News Gets Blasted for Advocating How 'Companies Can Help Fight Georgia's Restrictive New Voting Law'

Once upon a time, network television at least attempted to look objective.

Now you have networks just out and out pimping for Democrats, without any shame at all about doing so, even acting as though that’s acceptable behavior.


CBS News didn’t just report on what was happening or even just agree with what the Democrats were saying (falsely) about the law; they actually encouraged activism against it, with “3 ways companies can help fight Georgia’s restrictive new voting law”.

The story, which isn’t labeled opinion and is just straight-up advocacy, calls on people not to donate to the Republicans who sponsored the law and says companies should stop making donations to them.

They also talk about spreading “awareness,” encouraging ad campaigns to “help stamp out efforts nationwide to pass voting laws similar to Georgia’s.” They even warn about the next states who might try to secure their elections, Arizona and Texas, whom they claim might “alter voting rights.”

What’s the horrible racist thing they might do? Actually have voter ID for absentee ballots. How racist it is that they think people of color are somehow unable to come up with IDs? The last point they were advocating was fighting for HR 1, which would enable them to control elections nationally and eliminate a lot of the election security which individual states have passed. That’s ultimately what they’re working toward to hold control forever.


As we previously reported, most Americans don’t support this radical position on voter IDs, including most black people.

Sean Spicer and Tim Murtaugh brought up a good point. Since media are always advocating for the Democrats, at what point will the Democrats be held to account for these in-kind contributions?


So, some wondered if CBS was going to drop their coverage of the Masters tournament this week in Augusta, Georgia. I mean if they’re taking this advocacy position then they should be dropping their own coverage of the tournament, right? Assuming they actually believed in this position and weren’t just posturing on behalf of the Democrats? They shouldn’t mind if their pocketbook takes a hit — it’s the principle of the thing, right?

How about they give back any ad revenue? Going to guess they’re not going to do that.

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