Sure Looks Like MSNBC Is Being 'Racist' With Their Latest Remarks on Virus Variant

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

There’s no doubt that MSNBC reliably pushes the liberal line.

They were definitely all in criticizing calling the Wuhan coronavirus the “China virus” or identifying the virus by its place of origin, despite the fact that viruses have been called by places of origin for eons, absolutely nothing to do with race.

But because President Donald Trump called it the China virus last year and reminded people of the CCP’s involvement in initially covering up the nature of the virus, folks on the left wanted to use it as an attack point to somehow claim Trump was racist even if that meant that they were essentially skipping right over or ignoring the CCP coverup and not holding the government accountable.

But now that Trump is no longer in office MSNBC seems to have forgotten about their claims and the Democratic narrative. Because according to their standards, this sure sounds pretty racist to me.

So apparently you’re not allowed to say “China Virus” but “Indian variant” is just hunky dory. Likewise, it appears acceptable to name the other variants by their locations according to folks like the very liberal constant virus commenter Eric Feigl-Ding who referred to the “Brazil variant.” Sort of raises the question as to why it’s ok to name the variants but not naming the original origin of the virus. By the way, where is the effort underway by the Biden people to hold the CCP accountable, or should I not even ask that question, knowing it isn’t even on their radar and they’re never going to do it? This is a question that media should be asking Joe Biden and demanding a response to.

HT: Twitchy