New Poll Shows the Outrage Over Georgia Voting Law Is Absolute Nonsense

(AP Photo/John Bazemore, File)

Georgia’s new election reform law has caused an absolute freak-out in the liberal media, among Democrat politicians, and in the bubble that is left-wing social media. Joe Biden himself has called the law “Jim Crow 2.0” despite clearly having no idea what is actually in it (see A Mentally Deficient Joe Biden Completely Botches Georgia Election Law).


Ironically, the law actually expands the pre-pandemic voting environment. Drop boxes, which were not mandated prior, now are. Voting times are standardized, and reporting requirements for counties are strengthened to avoid the boondoggle we saw during the last major election. Given that, the left had no legitimate complaints to lodge so they just made some up. The issue of allowing strangers to give water to people in line has been beaten to death, and it’s completely misleading. People can bring their own water, or donate water to the polling place to be given out. Random strangers just can’t electioneer by setting up shop. Lots of states have electioneering protections, and there’s nothing especially unique about Georgia’s provision.

The other complaint is, of course, centering on voter ID. Yet, a new AP Poll blows up the narrative surrounding opposition to that provision as well.

Yes, a majority of Democrats support voter ID, with 72% of the country overall in favor of it. In fact, other polls show that the only demographic that doesn’t support it are white liberals. I guess that’s what happens when those who are the most woke are actually the most racist, believing black Americans don’t possess or can’t get photo identification.


This makes the MLB’s decision to remove the all-star game from Georgia look even worse. They bowed to a distinct minority, most of which probably don’t even like sports while spurning a supermajority of Americans. They also managed to punish many businesses, many black-owned, in the Atlanta area that would have benefited from the all-star game. You do the math on that.

In short, the current outrage is completely manufactured. It’s not based on a true reading of the law, nor are the complaints even a majority opinion in this country. Yet, the power corporations wield is massive, and Democrats know they can tell them how high to jump. That’s what we are seeing, but there’s nothing real or organic about the current consternation.



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