CNN Goes Full-on Dem Operative to Promote Dangerously Harmful Biden Bill

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CNN really should be getting paid as much as any Democratic operative because they surely seem to be doing all they can to promote Joe Biden.

Take this effort, for example.


A window into his soul? There’s so much spin there, it would make you dizzy.

But it’s just because he cares so much, right?

For Biden, infrastructure is about far more than fixing America’s creaking and crumbling roads and bridges, airports and railroads that are often compared unfavorably to gleaming 21st century projects in developing countries like China. The program is the latest massively ambitious sign that he senses that fate, political circumstance and shifts in public opinion offer him a sudden but fleeting opening to accomplish his long-term political aim of improving the lives of American workers.

When they have to spin that much, you know it’s really bad.

Translation? They were against President Donald Trump’s infrastructure bill because he wanted to actually address the infrastructure. They’re for Biden’s bill because it will ‘remake’ America with all kinds of things that have nothing whatever to do with infrastructure, but rather, is packed with Democratic agenda items.

Now the spending is just staggering. The debt will be crippling and the taxes will kill the economy that Trump built.


But one of the worst things it will do is what it will do to American workers. Improve the lives of American workers? It will do anything but.

Biden has already shown he not only doesn’t give a rip about American stability or energy independence by killing the Keystone Pipeline, but that also killed thousands of jobs that he didn’t seem to give a darn about.

That was bad enough. This will be far worse. Let’s just take one example in the bill — the PRO Act.

Dana Perino pointed out how this was a huge effort to usurp state’s rights and basically obviate Right to Work laws, to save the unions and require people to pay union dues.

That, like HR 1 ‘voting rights,’ it’s the Democrat’s way of imposing control nationally when they aren’t winning on the issues and in elections in the states. If you’re concerned about election security, HR 1 is going to impose every questionable action you were concerned about: banning requiring voter IDs, allowing ballot harvesting, and so much more.


One of the worse things about the PRO Act and why we all should be standing up against it is how it’s going to gut so many jobs. Millions of freelancers will likely lose their jobs if it passes — almost 60 million freelancer jobs would hang in the balance under this bill.

After the pandemic lockdowns, many are struggling. What has saved some people is the flexibility of freelancing. But this would kill that, as my colleague Brandon Morse breaks down in this helpful video.

We’ve already seen how horrible it was for workers in California — it was so bad it united all freelancers across the political spectrum against it, with many Democrats fighting against it once they saw what it did. And this would be imposed nationally with no way to escape it.

We need to do everything we can to raise our voices against it.


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