New Poll Shows Biden Approval Underwater on a Couple of Troubling Issues

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

In a poll that’s already weighted toward Democrats, there are some surprising numbers that don’t bode well for Joe Biden.

According to Townhall, in an ABC poll in which only 26 percent of poll respondents were Republican, compared to 31 percent of Democrats, and 36 percent of Independents, Biden was underwater on his handling of the border. 57% disapproved of his handling of the “situation with migrants and unaccompanied children showing up at the border.” Americans are not buying the Biden border spin that it isn’t a crisis. 54% of adults said it was “currently a crisis” while 42% said it is “a serious problem but not a crisis.”


It’s so not a crisis that they are now deploying HHS workers to “volunteer” for 120-day deployments to the border to help manage the surge of unaccompanied children, according to the NY Post. The temporary position involves supervising children and assisting with their possible placement with family members living in the US.

But people were really hating on his handling of gun violence.

“Biden’s handling of gun violence draws disapproval from 86% of Republicans, 56% of independents and 37% of Democrats — the highest dissatisfaction among members of his own party of the issues asked about in the survey. The disapproval from both sides is likely seen by Republicans as pursuing too many gun restrictions and by some Democrats as not acting quickly enough.”

Republicans are afraid he’s going to grab their guns and Democrats think he’s going to talk a lot and do nothing.

The poll also showed that people weren’t buying that he was about “unity.” 40% said he wasn’t making the country more unified or more divided.

The poll does give him good marks for pandemic handling and distributing the vaccines that he only has because of the work of President Donald Trump, with a 72%. He’s continued to lie about his role, diminishing President Donald Trump’s role in the response and the media has largely failed to call out his lies on the subject. He gets 60% approval on the economy. People tend to like it if they think you’ve given them free money, i.e. the relief bill. He also hasn’t been called out by the media for the jobs he’s killed with his orders or been held responsible for the Democrats’ hand in how much they’ve injured the economy with lockdowns and relief delay.


The numbers tend to match how much the media is questioning Biden on issues — on the border, he’s being questioned more and it’s hard to dispute the pictures being shown. Unfortunately, when the economic results of his job-killing and taxes hit, it will be hard to hide, too. But never fear, the media will be out spinning then, too, to say how it really isn’t his fault.


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