New Children's Book out on Fauci, and Americans Have Thoughts, Mock Titles

New Children's Book out on Fauci, and Americans Have Thoughts, Mock Titles
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I can’t think of anything that would be less interesting to a little kid than a book about Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Not sure that kids think bureaucrats who think they rule from on high and who keep flip flopping are heroes.

But apparently, the authors of a children’s book on Fauci don’t agree with me. Or liberals need to indoctrinate the children early in cult heroes.

Here it is.

Now, one of the reasons that Fauci has come to be seen as such a flip-flopper is that he seems to want to be on all sides of whatever virus issue is being talked about at any given time. And yet, he still is treated as god-like by the media as though he’s issuing edicts from on high, as my colleague Andrew Malcolm wrote about earlier today.

All he is is a bureaucrat; his only job is to talk about the virus; it isn’t even to factor in a host of other things like politicians or the rest of us have to in making judgments. Bureaucrats shouldn’t be dictating our freedoms. The fact that he seems to think he has that power, and that he can tell us what to do on everything from children wearing masks to how many people can be at a wedding is more than a little messed up at this point. It isn’t up to him, and it’s never been up to him.

But such a book is really giving folks cause to weigh in with their own titles. They were not kind.

Feel free to post your own in the comments… I’m sure there are a lot that haven’t been hit on yet.

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