Bill de Blasio Gets Surrounded and Heckled for Being a Political Panderer and Doing Nothing About Racism

AP Photo/John Minchillo

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is not a very popular fellow among his constituents.

It’s one of the things that has united folks from New York, they all hate de Blasio.


One of the main reasons is like Governor Andrew Cuomo, he’s just such a self-involved character, it’s all about him. During the pandemic he came under attack because he first encouraged people against social distancing and then set rigid rules that he himself violated.

But a typical pandering effort by de Blasio failed last night.

A group of New Yorkers were gathered in a Union Square vigil, rallying against anti-Asian racism and had memorials for people who were killed in the Atlanta shooting, and signs saying “Stop killing us” and “Stop Asian Hate.” There’s no evidence yet that the Atlanta shooting had to do with racism. The general belief seems to be so far that the murder spree was over the killer’s “sexual frustration and addiction problems” according to the Post Millennial.
But when de Blasio showed up, they weren’t having any of it, according to the New York Post. He was surrounded and heckled out of the event, with people upset that he hasn’t done anything on the issue.

“What are you going to do about it,” a chorus of people demanded as de Blasio called for victims of anti-Asian bias crimes to come forward, according to social media footage.

The mayor was surrounded by about a dozen hostile protesters as his motorcade left the event, video posted on Twitter showed.

You can see the Mayor being hurried away from the protesters by his handlers here. One person even calls him a racist.


Instead of doing constructive things, as we previously reported, de Blasio instead sounds like he’s trying to go utilize the police to go after people for ‘hurtful words.’

Can we say fascist and unconstitutional? How does he not know that? Or is it just that he doesn’t care?

Not to mention, they’re already overworked dealing with the skyrocketing crime rate and murders because of de Blasio’s defunding the police efforts. So now you’re going to make them do something that they shouldn’t be doing and overextend them still more? Are Democrats just insane or are they just about constant chaos? Don’t answer that, I know it’s both.


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