Bill de Blasio Seems to Endorse Straight up Fascism, and His Idea Is Absolutely Insane

Does New York City need a police force that shows up to intimidate residents for even non-criminal activity so as to enforce the societal wants of the elite? Most would say that’s insane and clearly fascist, yet Mayor Bill de Blasio is actually suggesting and endorsing the idea.


Here are the relevant quotes and the video so as to confirm nothing is being taken out of context.

What’s so scary about the left in this country is that they truly have no lines. Every new authoritarian epiphany sounds better in their ears than the last. There’s no pause to consider how ridiculous what they are suggesting is. It’s just full bore “progress” all the time, unintended (and intended) consequences be damned.

Let’s be frank about what de Blasio is saying he wants to do here. He’s asserting that he wants the police, which he controls, to show up at the doors of people who did something non-criminal but that he deems “hateful” in order to scare the intimidate them. Of course, what qualifies as “hateful” is malleable, and in New York, that can literally mean anything that doesn’t fit left-wing orthodoxy. Call someone by their real pronoun and not one they “prefer?” A cop could show up and lecture on the finer points of “tolerance.”


Actually, no, it’s not appropriate at all to use a police force as a cultural bludgeon. The last thing an officer needs to be doing is seeking out non-criminals to let them know what the latest woke standards are. We have freedom of speech in this country (at least for now) whether Democrats like it or not.

But what really strikes me here is how dangerous this idea is from a physical standpoint. Democrats are supposed to be against the police harassing people and having unnecessary confrontations. Do you want more dead people and dead cops? Because this is how you get that. Recall the Eric Gardner killing, where a man was confronted and put in a choke-hold for selling single cigarettes. De Blasio’s idea is that, but with even less justification. Police showing up at people’s door to lecture on “hateful” conduct will inevitably lead to physical confrontations.

Of course, some are not only all for this but want to go ahead and criminalize the non-criminal conduct being suggested here.


The left in this country are completely bi-polar. On one hand, they want cops to not take action against someone like Jacob Blake, who was armed, had sexually assaulted a woman, and was trying to drive off with three children in the car. On the other hand, they want speech criminalized so cops have to go around confronting people over mean tweets. It’s ludicrous, but no one ever accused Democrats of being consistent.

Hopefully, the police in New York laugh at this idea and refuse to comply if de Blasio pushes it. Nevermind that it’s a clear violation of the First Amendment to harass people with state forces for speech.




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