TX Gov. Greg Abbott Sounds the Alarm: Border Surge Is Now a 'Disaster'

Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News via AP, Pool

We reported earlier that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) would be leading a delegation to the border to get answers from the Biden team whether they want to provide them or not on the crisis going on there.


But it seems to be getting worse by the hour.

First, the state and local governments have been up in arms because the Biden team never even told them that they would be sending the kids there or setting up a facility, just suddenly they showed up without consent or warning in Midland, Texas.

The local people are very concerned about what’s going on and rightfully so.

According to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the conditions in at least one of the facilities that the Biden team has opened up in Texas is completely untenable because it doesn’t even have safe drinking water. Moreover, 10% of the people in the Midland and 10% in the Carrizo Springs facilities have tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.


From Fox News:

What we learned in Midland, just in the past hour, [are] two things. One is they have no proven clean running water at the location. They were using well water that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has informed the federal government has not been proven to be safe. There’s no telling what could be in there, including the possibility of arsenic. So the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is evaluating the water, the running water. So there is no viable, usable running water at the location in Midland.

And then on top of that, more than 10% of the migrants at the Midland location have now tested positive for COVID-19. In addition to that, you mentioned the Carrizo Springs location. We also learned, within the past hour, that more than 10% of the population at that location has tested positive for COVID-19 … Any time we’re dealing with the massive amount of influx of people coming across the border, that would be a humanitarian crisis and a big challenge now, knowing the magnitude of the spread of COVID in these areas. This is occurring during the course of a pandemic and is endangering lives as we speak.


Abbott said the Biden folks were completely unprepared for the influx and they’re not answering the questions that need to be answered to keep the locals safe. He said this wasn’t just a Texas problem because after they’re held there, the Biden team is going to ship them to states across the country.

The Fox host pointed out how even a local Democratic sheriff, Sheriff J.E. Guerra, was saying that “the border was basically open.” “The new administration came in, they changed policy, and I don’t think that our federal government was prepared to have the adequate resources and you’re seeing the results of that right now,” the Sheriff said.


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