Cuomo Gets Mocked Mercilessly Over Blanket Pic

Cuomo Gets Mocked Mercilessly Over Blanket Pic

CREDIT: Jim Thompson, used with permission

Last night, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo excited a lot of comment when he was spotted wearing a blanket, with a drink in his hand, and talking on the phone. This was after a NY Magazine ran a story that it was now 30 women who had accused him of bullying or harassing them and after Senate Majority Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called on him to resign, as RedState reported Friday afternoon.

The picture, caught by Reuters, was something else and really captured how embattled he is at the moment, with the calls to resign and the move by the New York State Assembly to start an impeachment investigation.

As we reported, Janice Dean, of course, had a terrific response to the picture.

But others also came up with some takes on what Cuomo’s picture made them think of.

Republican NY Assemblyman Mike Lawler (who has called for Cuomo to resign) was feeling Peanuts’ Linus Van Pelt.

Zack Fink of NY1 saw “The Sopranos” character Christopher Moltisanti, lost in the snow with Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri in the Pine Barrens episode.

Mob boss Vinnie “The Chin” Gigante in his bathrobe pretending to be crazy.

Some saw Steve Martin in “The Jerk.”

This one comes from comedian JL Chauvin, with a pretty good Cuomo voice, as well.

“As you can see,” Chauvin/Cuomo explained, “it provides for plenty of ventilation as well as keeping your cold heart warm on those cool nights when you are planning a vicious revenge against the suddenly emboldened progressives who want to take you out.”

He was also seen apparently trying to communicate with the dog, who didn’t even look like he wanted to have anything to do with him.

Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing and has refused to resign. But at this point, he doesn’t look like he has any support left among his fellow politicians — although there are some rabid conspiracy truthers on social media who are convinced this is just some Trump plot to take him out, so there couldn’t be a case filed in New York against President Donald Trump.

Don’t worry, if it doesn’t make sense; it’s not supposed to, it’s another crazy Blue Anon conspiracy but it’s all over social media by folks on the left. But beyond the crazies, he’s definitely in deep political trouble. Karma has finally come home to roost for this slimy character.

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