CNN Doesn't Get Why Americans Are Concerned About Biden's Address, Ted Cruz Schools Them on Freedom

Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

As we wrote about earlier, during his prime time address last night, Joe Biden thought he could tell Americans who could and could not get together on July 4th for a BBQ.


His Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, then doubled down on this goal, that the government hopes to let you gather, in small groups, by July 4th (despite having the other goal of having everyone vaccinated by May 1).

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was among the many people who had something to say about Joe Biden’s suggestion that the government could tell us when and with whom to gather on July 4th. Or frankly, any day. He posted this epic tweet as a message to Biden.

But CNN’s Jim Sciutto said he didn’t understand exactly what people’s concerns were over what Biden said.

“What is the current compulsion to turn everything into a visceral fight for freedom – masks, an invitation to celebrate July 4th with your family, getting a potentially lifesaving vaccine? And when each has personal as well as community benefits?” Imagine an alleged journalist asking this. We all used to understand that journalists were about challenging and asking hard questions of those in power, not simply parroting their narrative. Not understanding why the government requiring you to wear masks, stopping you from traveling or working, and telling where you can and cannot go might be a “visceral fight for freedom” shows how far we have fallen. How dare we have such concerns and don’t just thank our government for their concern for us and dictating the right think for us! Thank you, Dear Leader! But it’s CNN, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. They’re the closest thing to “state media” now or political operative arm of the Democrats. This is CNN.


What’s troubling is that so many were just willing to give up that freedom, to have that complete government control, to not question anything the government had to say to you, just because it’s being pushed by their political side. They see absolutely not issue or danger in such control and the presumption that the government is taking. How ironic on that day of all day, the point of America goes right over their heads.

But Ted Cruz encapsulated the problem simply, in one tweet.

Yup. And we’re not going to stop caring about and fighting to protect our freedom, no matter how Orwellian the Democrats are willing to try to go to tighten their grasp on power.

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