NY Lawmakers Act Against Andrew Cuomo

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has no conscience and it seems unlikely that he will resign.

He’s basically trying to go the Ralph Northam route and daring the New York legislators to impeach him.


Well, it sounds like finally they may be taking him up on it.

Whether he resigns or not, the New York State Assembly is taking the first steps necessary to move toward impeaching him.

The New York State Assembly has opened an investigation with full subpoena power, the first step that one would need to pursue an impeachment against him, according to Democratic assemblyman Ron Kim. Kim alleged that he himself was threatened by Cuomo for asking questions and talking to the media about the nursing home scandal.

A majority of state legislators, 121 people including 65 Democrats and 56 Republicans, as well as Mayor Bill de Blasio, a long-time antagonist of Gov. Cuomo, have now called on Cuomo to resign.

This follows the latest allegation that a seventh woman had come forward against Cuomo, this one, an aide alleging an actual sexual assault on her by the governor within the past year. She claimed that he had groped her under her shirt at his residence when he asked her there for work reasons. The Albany police are now looking into the allegation and Cuomo has denied it.

The plan appears to be for the judiciary committee in the Assembly to look into the allegations against Cuomo with that subpoena power. Cuomo is now being looked into by the Albany Police, the New York AG and the FBI.

Kim said he thought they had enough already to move to impeachment now and some Republicans said this step was too meek under the circumstances and just buying time. They wanted to go right to impeachment procedures at this point. Speaker Carl Heastie did release a statement saying the assembly was beginning an impeachment investigation.


According to the AP:

The state Assembly has 150 members. It could convene an impeachment trial against Cuomo with a simple majority vote. Until the new allegations surfaced, most of its members appeared to be leaning against trying to convene an impeachment or demanding Cuomo’s resignation until the attorney general’s investigation was complete.

The state Senate, which would join with members of the state’s top appeals court to hold an impeachment trial, has 63 members.

It’s astounding that it’s the sexual harassment that has moved this forward, not the deaths. What needs to be done beyond simply removing him, if they get to that point, is to otherwise hold him accountable for the deaths in the nursing home scandal, the subsequent cover-ups and threats, as well as the sexual harassment/assault allegations. Just removing him wouldn’t be enough if they don’t fully pursue all the claims.


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