Biden Doing Prime Time Address Tonight, But Still No Press Conference, Even MSM Now Calling It Out

Biden Doing Prime Time Address Tonight, But Still No Press Conference, Even MSM Now Calling It Out
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Joe Biden is giving a prime time address tonight. This is going to be the effort to convince us, yes, the Emperor has clothes and we’re really not seeing what we think we’re seeing when we see his incoherence.

Of course, given how he calls early lids, the big question might be if he’s going to be able to stay up for the speech, let alone deliver it coherently.

He’s going to talk about the Wuhan coronavirus, the sacrifices by the American people and the lives lost. Then he’s going to claim they increased the number of vaccinations and lay out what he considers to be the next steps necessary to take to deal with the virus. He’s only going to speak for about 20 minutes, so that’s a very short “address,” much shorter than most such prime time addresses.

There had been some speculation that in addition to talking about the Wuhan coronavirus, that he might take some questions so they could say he “answered” press questions and calm the concern about him not having a solo press conference since he came in. But According to Townhall, he wouldn’t be doing a taking formal questions tonight after the prime time address.

Biden already had a little bit of a kerfuffle earlier today after he signed the huge pork-zilla ‘relief’ bill. Reporters tried to ask questions, figuring he might want to say something or brag about the bill getting passed. No such luck. He refused and the reporters were rushed out of the room.

But his failure is finally starting to get some real attention from the mainstream media.

From Real Clear Politics:

“Press conferences are critical to informing the American people and holding an administration accountable to the public,” said association President Zeke Miller. “As it has with prior presidents, the WHCA continues to call on President Biden to hold formal press conferences with regularity.”

Frustration is building. The Washington Post editorial board, which hasn’t been unfriendly to Biden, warned that “avoiding news conferences must not become a regular habit.” Presidential spokespersons like to spin this kind of silence as “message discipline,” but as the Post reminded the White House, “he is the president, and Americans have every right to expect that he will regularly submit himself to substantial questioning.”

ABC said the problem was raising “accountability questions.”

Maybe next they might start asking the questions about why and why he’s being hid away from them?

President Donald Trump set a record with how fast he could develop a vaccine. Meanwhile Basement Biden has been the longest without a solo press conference in 100 days. Who said he couldn’t set records?

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