All Is Not Well: Watch What Happens Between Biden and WH Press Corps After He Signs COVID Relief Bill

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

I wrote earlier this week about how Joe Biden continues to send strong signals that things are not well at the White House with his words and his actions, as well as those of his handlers behind the scenes.


He’s appeared out of sorts at recent staged events where no questions were allowed. And even during events that are labeled as a “press availability,” reporters have been quickly shuffled away from the president in a loud and aggressive manner — as though asking him questions is not supposed to be the norm for the leader of the free world when he appears in public.

Despite numerous complaints, some from even Biden-friendly media outlets about his lack of press availability, the administration appears to have no plans to change course on that front.

As further evidence, we have what happened between Biden and the White House press corps after today’s COVID “relief” bill signing. You’d think that the guy who made campaign promises about how he’d get a stimulus package signed into law would be open to bragging about it and taking questions about what, in his view, no doubt, is considered a significant accomplishment in the first two months of his presidency.

But that’s not how things worked out. Watch and listen to the video below, as Biden stands up from signing the bill and Vice President Harris walks ahead of him. Listen to all the questions being shouted. Even as loud as the press is, you can still hear Biden’s handlers trying to shut them down and ordering them away from the president and out of the room:


Looks an awful lot like what happened at that D.C. hardware store on Monday, doesn’t it? Except this time in happened the People’s House. I’ll say it again: This. is. not. normal.

Also, last I checked, that is not what “transparency” is supposed to look like.

Herding the press away from Biden was something that happened often on the campaign trail last year, and I guess Biden’s handlers are so used to getting away with it (because the press let them in the run-up to the election) that they’re continuing to do it.

Though many in the press corps do little more than spout off Democratic talking points, there are others who will step up to the plate and ask the tough questions of Biden – but only if given the chance.

CBS News reporter Kathryn Watson tweeted last month that there was “no good reason not to have a press conference more than one month into Biden’s presidency,” which is a true statement. But there could be a bad reason why he keeps hiding from the press, which is why journalists should continue to press White House press secretary Jen Psaki for answers, and Biden as well, in the informal settings where they can.


Because if the secrecy keeps up, even the friendliest of the Biden-friendly reporters in the White House press corps are going to start asking the uncomfortable questions that, for now, are only being openly asked by international news outlets and conservative outlets like this one.

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