Biden Team Has an Idea to Ward off Questions About His Capacity, but it's Already Falling Short

Biden Team Has an Idea to Ward off Questions About His Capacity, but it's Already Falling Short
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People have been asking why Joe Biden didn’t deliver a State of the Union address or do a solo press conference yet.

The address, in the first year officially called an “Address to the Joint session of Congress” rather than a State of the Union, is normally delivered by the end of February, as it was by both Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Joe Biden said in January he would be delivering the address in February but the month came and went. Jen Psaki then claimed it was never scheduled.

Then there’s also the problem of not doing a solo press conference. Joe Biden is the longest in the last 100 years to have one and we’re still counting. Jen Psaki tried to blame it on the pandemic which made no sense since Psaki was able to do press conferences. Even former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany commented on the problem and postulated that his staff was looking out for him to prevent a big problem. After a lot of pressure, Jen Psaki claimed that Biden would be doing a press conference at the end of the month. But today, as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported, Psaki was pretend exasperated with the press claiming that Biden had had “40 Q & As” with the press this month. Of course that isn’t true. What they had was a couple of brief questions thrown at him as he’s given a brief statement or left an event, not an actual press conference where he has to stand there and answer questions coherently with more than a one or two word response.

But they’re sort of in a fix. What are they going to do given Biden’s issues? As we reported, his incoherence at this point is scary awful.

I predicted that they’d have to do something more virtual to try to pull it off and sounds like that’s now the plan.

Biden announced that he would be delivering a prime time address on the Wuhan coronavirus on Thursday, which marks a year from when President Donald Trump restricted travel from Europe. Trump had already restricted travel from China at the end of January. Then came “15 days to stop the spread” and local governments locking things down, masking and social distancing. Psaki said Biden would be talking about the “grave loss communities and families across the country have suffered” and he would be highlighting what Americans can play in “beating the virus.”

So here’s the thing. In a prime time address, they can control the environment more or less completely, they can have a teleprompter going, he can have an earpiece, he could even have prompts on a podium. Hell, for all we know the “live address” could even be pre-taped to be completely devoid of any issues and/or edit anything out. He’s also not taking any questions, presumably.

But do they really think they can replace a live address to Congress or a live press conference? It’s not even close. Particularly after he couldn’t even think of the name of his Secretary of Defense today or the name of the Pentagon.

We’re already seeing Psaki trying to spin that he has ‘answered questions.’ They’ll do this then claim “well, how can you have any questions, look, he just gave a live address?”

Sorry, no cigar if you think that’s going to fly.

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