Chris Cuomo Sparks Outrage With Comment to Don Lemon

Chris Cuomo Sparks Outrage With Comment to Don Lemon
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The Cuomo brothers are just a mess.

As we reported, two more women came forward yesterday to make more allegations of sexual harassment against Gov. Andrew Cuomo and former aides confirmed the toxic environment and said that he harassed women.

Apparently CNN’s Chris Cuomo couldn’t let his brother get all the negative attention and just had to say something.

He was slammed for saying that he was “black on the inside” to Don Lemon on CNN during a handover segment.

Lemon asked him how he knew the lyrics to the show “Good Times,” a 1970s show about a black family living in a housing project in Chicago after Cuomo began singing the words. “You know I’m black on the inside,” Cuomo said.

He can’t sing and some were not amused with the joke.

According to the Daily Mail, Sister2Sister magazine managing editor Aisha Staggers found it “f**kin offensive.” “Black is not a costume,” Staggers said, calling it “cultural appropriation.”

One even asked if Chris Cuomo was “competing for sh***iest Cuomo” with his brother.

Thinking despite how ridiculous Chris is and including the fact that he basically ran propaganda for his brother on the pandemic instead of covering the nursing home death scandal, Andrew still wins for worst. Hard to get past the thousands dead and all the coverup involved with that, not to mention the sexual harassment allegations and the alleged threats against other people like Ron Kim.

But Chris and CNN blew any credibility they had over his pandemic coverage with his brother. Then after the scandal’s recent implosion, when he claimed he couldn’t cover it because of the ‘conflict’ after all he had done to promote his brother as a hero and a ‘luv gov.’

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