Sheila Jackson Lee Compares Arrests of Portland 'Protesters' Who Wanted 'Good Things to Happen' to Capitol Rioters

Sheila Jackson Lee Compares Arrests of Portland 'Protesters' Who Wanted 'Good Things to Happen' to Capitol Rioters
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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is confused.

In a Twitter thread that definitely is something special, even for Rep. Lee, she said she didn’t understand why those nice Portland “protesters” just “wanting good things to happen” had 1,000 people arrested and why the Capitol action where “40,000” wanted “to kill the House Speaker, the Vice President and Members of Congress” only had 300 people arrested? Yes, she really said that.

So let’s see if we can help out Rep. Lee.

To start with, the Portland rioters had months of nightly rioting, attacking police and other people, with people killed, dozens of injuries, and millions in damage. It would stand to reason that more were arrested than in one three-hour riot.

Second, most of those 1,000 were never prosecuted because the local authorities were far-left just like the rioters. Most of the charges were never followed up on so these precious little leftist darlings are going to go free despite being arrested. And most of those Portland rioters arrested were white, so no, Rep. Lee, for the underlying implication she’s suggesting, there’s no racism there against black people by the leftist officials. Unless it’s helping out radical leftist white people by letting them go. Most of those in the Capitol riot are going to be prosecuted for some form of illegal entry, meaning just entering the building. There’s no such thing as “barely arrested.” It’s like there’s no such thing as being a little bit pregnant. You are or you aren’t. But if she wanted to argue “barely arrested” that would certainly be more applicable to the folks in Portland who basically have been caught and released.

Third, she wrongly imputed the actions of a much smaller group of people to all the 40,000 people who were at the rally and smears all the people with the most scurrilous allegations. Actually, the fact that they arrested 300 people even for such things as illegal entry in D.C. shows the opposite of what she’s trying to argue, that far more seems to have been invested in going after people in D.C. than in Portland.

Fourth, no, the rioters in Portland didn’t want “good things to happen.” They wanted to burn down the federal courthouse and a bunch of other buildings that they are still setting fire to periodically, even now. No, they didn’t want good things to happen, they were attacking federal agents and local police. No, they didn’t want good things to happen, they’re intentionally attacking the federal government, as well as the local government, to bend it to their radical leftist ways that have very little to do ultimately with George Floyd or justice, and that point seems to be flying right over Sheila Jackson Lee’s head.

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