CNN's Jim Acosta Accuses Fox of Being 'Irresponsible,' But Facts Level Him Big Time

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

CNN definitely has some of the most clueless folks ever on their network.

You would think that, given how NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is imploding under a ton of scandal and how CNN has been involved over the past year in propping him up and turning him, falsely, into a Democratic “COVID” hero, that CNN might have the sense that God gave a rat to lay low for a little while. Not to mention their boatload of problematic other coverage.

But no such luck.

As we reported last night, Chris Cuomo spoke about his brother, trying to justify why he wasn’t covering any of the allegations against Andrew Cuomo now. Funny how he didn’t have that position last year when he was having his brother on for propaganda spots.

But now there’s also Jim Acosta. Jim Acosta thought he had the standing to comment on what Fox was covering today.

No, Jim, you really don’t. You guys long since lost any credibility you had.

They paid John Sullivan for his video after he took it at the Capitol riot and featured him on an episode with Anderson Cooper.

They put that slimy character on air an incredible number of times, even suggesting him as a possible presidential candidate.

Yes, how dare everyone not cover the same things at the same time and push the same Democratic narrative that CNN pushes! For shame, Fox! Actually, good job, Fox! There may be some hope for you after all with this and with signs like hiring Kayleigh McEnany. As I wrote in January, Fox needed to take a stand and hiring her is a positive sign in the right direction.

Then there’s Acosta’s own irresponsible/inaccurate/biased reporting. Exactly one year ago, for example, were these tweets saying that no way was there going to be a vaccine in a year as President Donald Trump was saying they were trying for.

How did that turn out, Jim? Some source you have there. But that’s what TDS and bias will get for you, when that’s your guiding operating principle rather than actual journalism and truth.

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