Yikes: China Subjected U.S. Diplomatic Staffers to Anal Swab Testing For Coronavirus

Yao Dawei/Xinhua via AP

One of the things that folks on the right have been most concerned about when it comes to Joe Biden is the return of bending over to other countries that Barack Obama did. Only in Biden’s case, the concern specifically centered around bending over for China. Turns out that was something that we were rightfully concerned about, as China allegedly had U.S. diplomatic staffers bending over, and not just figuratively, according to a Vice report.

According to the report, U.S. diplomatic staffers were made to take anal swab COVID tests which involved inserting a swab 1-2 inches into the rectum to test for the virus.

A State Department spokesperson said that they never agreed to this kind of testing and protested to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when they learned that staffers had been subjected to it. The State Department spokesperson said they were committed to the “dignity” of American diplomats and their families, consistent with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and other diplomatic law provisions. “We have instructed staff to decline this test if it is asked of them, as was done in the past,” the spokesperson said.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian denied that they made the staffers to it. At the same time, Chinese authorities claiming that it was done “in error” and that the diplomatic personnel were exempt from the test. So basically they did it, are now trying to deny it was “forced” (as though the staffers would just do it willingly). It’s bad enough it was done, it’s worse that China is now trying to suggest somehow that the staffers weren’t made to do it.

It’s unclear how many diplomatic staffers or their family members were subjected to this process.

According to a diplomatic source, U.S. diplomats had been negotiating with the Chinese for some time about not having to take such tests.

Ok, so does someone have to say this? Why are you “negotiating” this? This should be a categorical no and if it wasn’t, that’s why China is being China.

This is China once against testing the waters and finding the defense and response lacking under Joe Biden. They’ve been testing him since he got in when they made moves against Taiwan and he did nothing, so they’re testing further, seeing how much they can embarrass us before they get any response. But this is what you get with Joe Biden.