Saagar Enjeti Warns About Dems Trying to Shut Down Fox, Newsmax, OAN: Threat to Freedom 'Coming at Light Speed'

Fox News

We’ve seen a lot of disturbing and yes, even dystopian actions being taken in the wake of the three hour riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Troops now surrounding the Capitol, despite Homeland Security acknowledging they have no specific evidence of any threat, at over a half million dollars cost. Eight foot high barbed wire fencing surrounding the halls of our government making it look like a banana republic. Those are some of the physically visible moves.

But worse than that perhaps has been the effort at censorship on social media and elsewhere. Booting President Donald Trump from social media and throwing people off Twitter in a mass purge for having “wrong think.”

But on top of it comes the effort by House Democrats to have conservative media like Fox News, OAN and Newsmax booted from broadcasting by pressuring places like Comcast, AT&T, Spectrum or other companies that might run such media to drop those networks. The excuse is spreading “disinformation.” Well, if that’s the excuse, then they’re really going to have to pull every leftwing media organ out there who has spread a boatload of misinformation for the past four years. But of course, they don’t care about that because this isn’t about disinformation. This is about trying to use Jan. 6 to shut down their political opponents.

Here’s Saagar Enjeti doing a great breakdown on the threat, calling it a great danger to freedom of speech, no matter where one falls on the political spectrum.

Enjeti observes that things seemed to get worse when companies began to collectively ban someone, looking as though it was a coordinated effort, culminating in the attack on Parler.

He notes that essentially now the Democrats, with this move to go after Fox, OAN and Newmax is basically saying that the government has a right to control what the press says, trying to do something that the First Amendment explicitly prohibits.

Enjeti said there’s likely more coming with The NY Times now signaling where they might go next if they get away with this, that The NY Times was claiming that Telegram and Signal were potential “hot spots” of “misinformation.” Translation: the regulations and the government might come to try to control what’s being said in private messaging.

“We are going down the most dangerous road,” Saagar Enjeti said to his co-host Krystal Ball. “It’s crazy.” Ball replied it was all “laying the ground work” and giving “mainstream justification” for their actions. Ball warned those on the left who might think it was great to get rid of Fox, Newsmax and OAN that these things would “not stay limited to the right side of the spectrum.” Ball pointed out the “hot bed of misinformation” from folks like Jonathan Chait and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and all the nonsense they’ve spread about President Donald Trump being a Russian agent. Ball even pointed out how Hillary Clinton’s podcast had Hillary speculating whether Trump was on the phone with Vladimir Putin during the Jan. 6 riot. How insane is that.

“It’s happening at light speed,” Enjeti warned.

Indeed. This is what Republicans should be standing up against. This is what is going to do us all in, if Democrats are able to get away with this. This is the barbed wire and troops around all of our ability to communicate and get our ideas out there. This is the time to stand in the breech against this. Or it will be too late.