Poll Asked Only Dems What Their Top Concerns Were and Yes, They're Unhinged From Reality

Poll Asked Only Dems What Their Top Concerns Were and Yes, They're Unhinged From Reality
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Now, I’m going to start this story with saying that polls are always questionable and should never be taken as gospel of anything.

But if this latest poll from Echelon Insights is true, we have some folks on the other side of the aisle who are in a seriously delusional state.

Echelon asked only Democrats, what were the top three issues that they were most concerned about?

Now, what might you think, given they’re Democrats? Climate change? The economy?

Nope. Some of those things are on the list, but they’re not the top three things.

They listed their top three concerns as Trump supporters, white nationalism, and systemic racism.

82% said their biggest concern was Trump supporters, above all other concerns, followed by 79% about white nationalism and 77% concerned about systemic racism.

This reveals not reality, but people manipulated by media, pounding away certain concepts day after day. Despite the fact that most Trump supporters are probably more law abiding than the norm and are in general very supportive of police and law and order, they have been painted, since Jan. 6 and frankly before, as a constant ‘threat to democracy’ in liberal media. This is an incredibly dangerous and divisive thing. If you see some of the crazier elements on social media, it’s leftists literally demonizing and dehumanizing Trump supporters because they are “traitors” and “seditionists,” saying they should be banned from social media (not getting they are one actually threatening freedom with such mania). Meanwhile you don’t see any concern from Democrats about months of radical leftist rioting across the country, that killed dozens of people, hundreds of injuries and billions in damage, rioting which is still continuing because the people in power have largely failed to adequately address it. The reality disconnect is more than a little concerning. But that’s the power of biased media.

Meanwhile when you look at what the poll says when they only asked Republicans what their top concerns are, they’re more grounded in concerns about the economy and actual moves being made by Democrats and liberal media to censor conservatives.

They questioned 1005 registered voters between Feb. 12-18, 2021.

HT: Townhall

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