Key Biden Aide Allegedly Said Coronavirus Was 'Best Thing That Ever Happened' to Biden

According to a new book, one of Joe Biden’s chief aides, Anita Dunn allegedly made a comment that likely isn’t going to go over well with people when they hear it. Dunn was the communications director for the Biden campaign, then was co-chairwoman of the Biden-Harris transition team and now is a senior advisor to Biden.


According to the Guardian, Dunn said to an aide about Biden, “COVID is the best thing that ever happened to him,” that “campaign officials believed but would never say in public.” She allegedly said it when there were “rising death tolls, a shattered economy, and a health system close to breaking,” making it sound all the more heartless.

The belief was that helped to undermine the amazing economy President Donald Trump had built and hurt his position in battleground states, because they saw without it they wouldn’t have had a chance. So to them, to get their power back, they regarded it as “the best thing,” whoever it might have killed or hurt in the process.

It was pretty much Biden’s whole platform to attack Trump on the virus since he really had nothing else to say apart from “Orange Man bad.” It was really the only option they had since Biden really had nothing to offer and had difficulty energizing his campaign.

It wasn’t just Biden. Democrats and media were constantly spinning on the virus to make every move Trump did seem bad, when in retrospect he did things that likely they never would have done and it would have been much worse had Democrats been in charge. Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were even accused of trying to hold back relief because it might help the economy and that would help Trump.


While Trump was forming the virus task force, cutting travel with China and declaring a public health emergency, Democrats were attacking him for “xenophobia” and not even agreeing that travel should with China and then later with Europe should be shut down, despite experts saying doing that saved lives. Biden didn’t even agree to that until April 2.

Then of course because of the private-government partnership President Trump established with Operation Warp Speed, they were able to get the vaccines in record time. Even now, Biden is still trying to spin that and diminish everything that Trump did.

Democrats were more interested in the spin and holding onto power. They didn’t care what they said or who they hurt in the process of doing that.


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