CNN's Kirsten Powers Preaches Being Woke, Then Fails Big Time ‘Listening to Black People’

Slate suspended podcaster Mike Pesca indefinitely and without pay for a discussion that he had in a company Slack channel about people’s use of the N-word.


He didn’t use the word in the discussion, just participated in a debate about its use.

In response, CNN Senior Political Analyst Kirsten Powers, who once upon a time some thought conservative but who has long since gone over to the other side, chastised Pesca for not “listening to Black people and respecting their view?”

Now, leaving aside that she doesn’t seem to understand that he wasn’t arguing to be able to use the word himself, she soon got herself into hot water.

Someone responded that it was probably white liberals who were offended.


Powers responded back, claiming that a black staffer, Joel Anderson, disagreed with that position.

But that’s when author, New York Times Magazine contributing writer, and AEI Visiting Fellow Thomas Chatterton Williams — son a black father and white mother — had a little information for her.


That’s when Powers started to go over the slide and didn’t even realize she was doing it.


Excuse me, Kirsten but you’re literally telling a black man what he should be thinking while seemingly rejecting wha he’s trying to tell you.

Chatterton Williams then dropped the hammer on her self-awareness.


Checkmate. Woke lady goes broke but keeps digging.

Is it likely that she learned anything from this exchange? Not likely but it certainly showed up the perpetually work and how shallow hypocritical is that belief.

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