Flashback: The Embarrassing Emmy Award Presentation Video of Hollywood Celebs Praising Cuomo

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The dam seems to have finally broken on the media firewall protecting Gov. Andrew Cuomo due to an overwhelming flood of facts that has completely shattered that wall.


It completely broke at the end of last week as we reported at the time, when an aide admitted that they’d withheld information about nursing home deaths from state legislators because they were afraid of potential federal prosecution. As we explained that wasn’t even really quite true since they’d really been withholding accurate information about the real number of deaths connected to the nursing homes since the scandal about Cuomo’s nursing home order broke.

Legislators from both sides of the aisle are now calling for a formal investigation

But the evidence of the cover-up has actually been out there since we reported on it in May 15, 2020.

Media simply ignored it because Democrats considered Cuomo a potential future presidential candidate and the media wanted a Democratic counterpoint to whom they could point saying, “Democrat good, Orange Man bad.” But the comparison, for anyone who was actually looking at the facts, continually pointed out the opposite. Any time Cuomo said that New York needed anything, President Donald Trump was there to provide it to help out, providing ventilators when NY had foolishly run short, setting up the military hospital at the Javits Center even sending the hospital ship, the Comfort. Instead of sending positive virus patients into the nursing homes, Cuomo could have sent them to the Javits Center or the Comfort. But those assets were ultimately closed for lack of use by Cuomo.


Meanwhile as we now know, 9000 positive virus patients were sent into the vulnerable nursing homes. Even that was initially falsely reported by New York.

While all this cover-up was going on, media was making Cuomo a hero. CNN covered his virus briefings uncritically and had fawning interviews of the governor by his brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, doing comedy skits and saying how sexy this being a hero made him now.

So with all that has now come out now, we bring you this video that you likely haven’t seen before of a variety of Hollywood celebrities heaping praise upon Andrew Cuomo in a truly embarrassingly ignorant display.

He won the Founders Award at the 48th International Emmy Awards “in recognition of his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic,” introduced by International Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner. You hear from Spike Lee, Rosie Perez, Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Billy Joel and Billy Crystal.

Among the comments, Billy Crystal says Cuomo’s briefings, “live from New York”, “gave us hope, gave us clarity, gave us the truth, and gave us something we were not getting from Washington: Leadership.” Billy Joel claimed Cuomo “became the nation’s governor.” Spike Lee spoke about how Cuomo was “telling us what to do.”


Ben Stiller brought up the interviews Cuomo did with his brother on CNN joking about the governor now being the “love gov” and “now you’re more of a national sex symbol. You’ll probably get more dates than votes. That’s him saying that, not me.”

Rosie Perez claimed Cuomo “opened your strength, your leadership and your direction and your caring and your heart” and that Cuomo “set the example for the rest of the nation, the rest of the world how to be a leader during a time of crisis.” Doubt that the families of all those nursing home residents who died would agree.

All of these people should apologize and be embarrassed for endorsing this catastrophic character. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely they will even understand how they helped continue the wall around him.


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