Biden Is Cozying Up to Iran Again, Now There Are Signs There Could Be Big Trouble from Iran

Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP

There are so many things to be concerned about with Joe Biden.

But one of them that’s right up there has to be the knowledge that he’s going to go right back to the policy of coddling Iran that he and Barack Obama practiced.


Today, there was troubling news that he’s already started down that path.

They announced that Biden was removing the terrorist designation of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia in Yemen.

The Trump administration put sanctions on the Houthis and the designation helped to more isolate Iran and stabilize the region more. Now the Biden move will throw it back into chaos and signal to Iran that they have a free hand again to do what they want.

From Fox News:

“The Trump administration simply recognized reality,” Pompeo said last month. “The Houthi forces are terrorists, underwritten by the theocracy, the kleptocracy that runs the Islamic Republic of Iran. That regime is funding a missile program, funding capabilities inside of Yemen that put Europe at risk, put the Middle East at risk. ”

Either Biden doesn’t know that or doesn’t care.

“Examples of Houthi terrorism include firing missiles indiscriminately at civilians in a G20 capital population center & kidnapping of US citizens,” Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., tweeted. “If @StateDept review is truly comprehensive & honest, then it will not delist Houthis as foreign terrorist org.”


Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley accused Biden of “cozying up” to Iran while stomping on our friends in the region, Israel and the Arab countries who had worked hard for peace in the region that Iran has so disrupted for decades. She credited President Donald Trump’s sanctions for weakening Iran.

From Fox News:

[Trump] “weakened their economy so much that they’ve got the Iranian people demonstrating in the street against the regime,” she said. “That’s what we wanted.”

Biden, Haley predicted, is “going to jump back in the Iran deal but not ask them to leave Syria. You’re not going to ask them to stop their nuclear program. You’re not going to ask them to stop their missile program … [or] stop funding terrorism, and you’re going to get back into a deal, and that’s literally Obama 2.0.”

She slammed Biden for not even calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yet after two weeks.

But now there’s something even more concerning from Iran.

UN international inspectors reportedly have found new evidence of nuclear activity in Iran that they failed to report, violating their international agreements. The activity could show that they have been working on making nuclear weapons. The evidence was found in areas that Iran had prevented the inspectors from checking for months last year.


Even though the U.S. pulled out of the Iran Deal, the Iranians were still obligated to other countries and apparently still violating their obligations and not letting inspectors into areas.

At least with President Donald Trump they knew they had someone who would put sanctions on them and hold them to account. Now they will be trying all kinds of things, knowing that they will not be checked.

If we had President Donald Trump in office, Iran would be getting a warning at this point. Don’t expect anything like that except more coddling and relieving of sanctions from Joe Biden.


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