Graham Slaps Dems: Play 'Political' Games With Impeachment, You Don't Get What You Want on Merrick Garland

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

Sen. Lindsey Graham Senate (R-SC), who is still the Judiciary Committee Chairman until the Senate works out a power sharing agreement, is pushing back on the farce of an impeachment effort by the Democrats.


As we reported earlier, Graham said that if they try to call one witness when they didn’t call one witness in the House, that Republicans will vote to dismiss, but if they don’t have enough to dismiss, Democrats better be prepared for a long trial that’s going to interfere with their agenda.

Graham is already sticking it to them in that regard. He’s telling them if you want to play games with impeachment then you’re going to get held up on other things, such as approval for the Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland.

There’s a certain irony in it being Garland left hanging in the wind once again ultimately because of Democrats trying to use their power to play games.

Democrats demanded a one day review of Garland as opposed to the normal two because they want to start impeachment on Feb. 9, they wanted to do Garland all in one day on Feb. 8 and Graham said no.

According to Townhall, Graham told the ranking member on the Committee Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL):

“Your request is highly unusual. The Senate is about to conduct its first ever impeachment trial of a former president, and only its fourth trial of a president, incumbent or not. Under the procedure the Senate has adopted, Donald Trump’s trial is set to start on February 9. But you want us to rush through Judge Garland’s hearing on February 8. An impeachment is no small thing. It requires the Senate’s complete focus. This is why I didn’t consider any judicial nominees during last year’s impeachment trial. Democrats do not get to score political points in an unprecedented act of political theater on one hand while also trying to claim the mantle of good government on the other.”


Graham said that when Democrats were trying to “bar a former president from being reelected, other business must stop.” Nicely done.

As it looks like now, Democrats don’t have the votes to convict, let alone the evidence and they are going to look really stupid if they proceed, if it doesn’t get immediately dismissed. If they want to play that game, Graham is going to hold up everything they want on their agenda. He also said that they are missing important information and documents on Garland in order to proceed.


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