CNBC Segment Does Fauci One Better on How Many Masks People Should Wear

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that two masks might give you more protection than one.

So can you guess what would happen next?

Why stop at two? Why not three? This CNBC report with Shep Smith and Contessa Brewer claims it would be “90% efficiency” if you wore three.

Not only do they suggest that, they even suggest that you buy KN95 masks from China on Amazon. Unbelievable.

Check out their full report here where they recommend the KN95 masks, even noting they’re from China.

Do they even know how the world came to have the virus? Do they care about the Chinese coverup and lies in regard to the virus? They’re actually going to advertise for masks from China?

Not to mention that while N95 masks are some of the only masks that actually block the smaller particles of the virus, KN95 masks are highly questionable because according to reports they don’t have to meet the same standards, as Science Alert explained in a story in September. Remember that, CNBC? Science, that thing that’s kind of important here? They note that in tests of the KN95 masks, that as many as 60-70% didn’t meet basic American standards of protection. If you don’t inform people of that potential issue, then you are really doing them a disservice when you suggest otherwise.

But notice something else, if you go back and listen again to what Brewer said. She said Virginia tech researchers found that doubling the masks increasing the protection from 50 to 75%. Which is really another way of saying that one mask that many think is protecting them completely is only doing a 50% job, assuming the accuracy of the study she is quoting.

People mocked the report suggesting the triple masking was over the top.

If three only gets you to 90%, doesn’t it suggest we must still wear more?

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