Biden Slapped With His First Court Loss in Effort to Radically Stop Virtually All Deportations

There were so many bad things that Joe Biden did last week by executive order, it might be a real contest to decide which was the worst. Things that gutted jobs, hurt girls sports, made people pay more for insulin and epipens, endangered the safety of our power grid, you name it, there’s a lot.


But one thing that promises to be very harmful in the future and is already having harmful consequences are Biden’s immigration moves.

People have already been given the message that the doors are open, come one, come all, after Biden promised and then signed an executive order declaring a 100 day moratorium on deportations.

As we reported, people saw it as a pass for everyone to flood into the United States as fast as they could.

One man in a massive caravan from Honduras on the way to the U.S. said specifically people got the message from Biden that he’d given them 100 days.

What does that mean? Well, as we reported it means even people in the process of being legally deported, on the way out of the country on the bus, were stopped from being deported. That ICE was thrown into chaos, not only not deporting people, but actually releasing some people in the process. The only people specifically excepted from deportations under this order were those being deported were those related to terrorism or espionage. So if you were a rapist or other dangerous but regular crime, that apparently would be cool to stay.


Stephen Miller explained what this would mean to Tucker Carlson, observing that of the the 180,000 people ICE removed last year, 92% were charged or convicted of committing a crime. Now, pretty much all those people would get to stay and ICE would not be able to remove them people now because of the moratorium, that the work of ICE would grind to an effective halt.

Executive orders are not supposed to counter law already in place, then you are an oligarch simply disregarding the legislature to do as you will.

But fortunately now, Biden’s move may have been halted, at least temporarily, after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued to stop Biden from stopping deportations and a judge agreed with Texas, handing Biden his first court loss.

U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton issued a temporary restraining order against Biden saying they’d failed “to provide any concrete, reasonable justification for a 100-day pause on deportations.” They are enjoined for 14 days from implementing their moratorium. Tipton implemented a nationwide injunction because a geographically-limited order would not adequately protect Texas’ interests due to “the free flow of movement” of illegal aliens from other states.


No justification. This is beginning to become the watchword of the Biden team, no explanation for why they’re doing things to hurt America.

HT: PJ Media



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