Liberal Tries to Use Fauci to Scold Trump, But Reveals How Bankrupt Biden and Left Have Been About Virus

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden basically ran a campaign from his basis based off on one main topic: the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Biden claimed he had a “plan” (one that he would never enunciate) that would eliminate the pandemic.

But then this week, apart from telling people to wear masks on federal property, which people were already doing (well, except for him and his family), Biden admitted there really was nothing more he could do (that President Donald Trump hadn’t already done) to stop the pandemic’s trajectory. But, oh well, sorry if you thought he did!

But he did retain that eminent man of science, Dr. Anthony Fauci, right? Who is now urging us to wear a mask, as Asha Rangappa tells us, if only we’d been told in March!

Sometimes it stupefies me that someone could be that clueless, but unfortunately a lot of folks on the left don’t seem to be able to keep facts like this in their heads and Rangappa is often winning the award for most clueless. Let’s review what Fauci was actually saying in March.

Fauci was telling us that we shouldn’t wear masks that while it might block a droplet or two, it isn’t providing the protection people think it is and ofter it provides “unintended consequences” from people fiddling with it. Meaning they touch their face to adjust the mask and pass the virus.

Fauci also was saying it was okay to take a cruise in March as long as you weren’t old (in a risk group).

Now Trump wasn’t telling him to say this, he was offering this up on his own. He was booking these spots and saying this stuff. Listen to him here saying that Trump wasn’t saying anything different from what he was being advised by the task force.

By the way, they want to claim that Joe Biden would have been better. Let’s review what Joe Biden was doing in March, March 10, to be exact after doing multiple events that day unmasked. Perhaps, in one of the only times you would ever see a packed crowd around Joe Biden, watch as he, unmasked, spews his anger out at this guy who apparently had the misfortune to tell Biden he was wrong about guns. Biden tells him he’s “full of shit,” shushes an aide who tries to stop him and ends up asking if the guy wants “to go outside.”

Let’s also note that Biden couldn’t even bring himself to say that cutting travel with China and Europe was the right move to make until April 2. His reaction to Trump cutting travel with China was “hysterical xenophobia.” “Imagine how many more people would have come down with it, if Biden had been in charge. Fauci praised Trump cutting travel with China and Europe, saying that it definitely saved a lot of lives.

Let’s also review what Rangappa was saying in March.

These people are all just so full of it with this effort to remake reality to attack President Trump.

Meanwhile, they rehired Fauci. So if they thought what was done was so bad why did they hire the guy in charge of it?

Can we say these folks are just full of cow dung?

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