Biden Nailed Again Without Mask, This Time Coughing at the White House

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

We pointed out how Joe Biden — immediately after signing his mask mandate for federal property — was caught without a mask at the Lincoln Memorial. As were other members of his family.


Here are a couple of shots of them.

Then, Jen Psaki gave the lamest excuse on the planet as to why they all just violated his mask mandate. As we reported, Psaki, not wearing a mask, said they were “celebrating an evening, a historic day in our country…I don’t know that I have more for you on it than that.” “Bigger issues to worry about,” she said.


Ah, the celebration exception! More important things to think about? And this woman is press secretary?

This was literally one of the central things he pushed.

But even after being called out for that and Psaki giving that lame excuse, here’s Joe Biden — yet again, the same day that she gave that excuse — not wearing a mask and not only that, coughing in a White House room with media around. He’s also violating the CDC guidelines about not coughing into your hand.

Here he was previously having to be instructed by CNN on how to cough.

Except now he was in an enclosed room in the White House, not alone in his basement.


So, do tell, Jen Psaki, does the “celebration exception” apply the day after when not celebrating? Does it extend every time he violates his own rules? He tells people to wear masks for 100 days on federal property, most of whom were already wearing them, but he hasn’t even been able to adhere to it for one day. Or does it only apply to us and not to Joe?

Yet, on top of all the hypocrisy is another point. He’s literally coughing at those reporters and yet not one of them, from what I can tell, reported on that hypocrisy or coughing, although they obviously did take the video. Not one said, “Um, sir, what about that order you signed the other day? And why are you coughing at us?”

Welcome to four years of ignoring, spinning, and excusing the alleged violations of rules, laws, and moral principles we’re about to see from the Biden camp.


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