Pelosi and Biden Get Hoisted with Their Own Petard with Latest Antifa Video

Pelosi and Biden Get Hoisted with Their Own Petard with Latest Antifa Video
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You may recall the crazy unhinged attack that Democrats made against President Donald Trump for daring to have federal agents defend against the continuing violent BLM/Antifa attack on the federal courthouse in Portland, with leftist crazies trying to burn it down.

Here’s a sample of the criticism from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) who called the federal agents “stormtroopers” and accused them of “kidnapping” protesters in unmarked uniforms and vehicles in response to graffiti. This is after months of attacks on courthouse and dozens of federal agents being injured at that point. She literally was willing to throw those agents under the bus and smear them because of her desire to undermine the president and support the domestic terrorists attacking the federal government.

Where was her defense of the federal government as Speaker of the House? No one was “kidnapped,” they were clearly identified, they were federal agents defending an attack on the government, federal agents under fire from explosive fireworks, bottles, rocks and Molotov cocktails.

But now, Pelosi is about to be hoisted with her own petard. Because it’s still the same federal agents, federal courthouse and other federal facilities being attacked by Antifa now. But she can no longer blame Trump for any of their responses to protect themselves.

So let’s check in on what Joe Biden is having those “stormtroopers” do. Antifa was attacking the ICE facility in Portland.

How could this be happening in America! The evil Joe Biden! I’m literally shaking! They just kidnapped that poor protester right off the street! Where is Nancy Pelosi’s condemnation? Where are the Democratic congress members calling it out like they did to Trump?

Now you know that’s what Democrats would have said because they did say it.

Of course it’s nonsense now as it was then, they responded because they were arresting someone and they were being attacked. No one was “kidnapped,” no one was “disappeared” and they haven’t been now either. Democrats and media who claimed so were hoodwinking you and spreading nonsensical conspiracy to hurt Trump.

Some folks on the right now mocked the Democrats.

So what are Biden and the Democrats saying now about these continued Antifa activities? Is it still “just an idea?” How do they justify themselves? There’s a strange silence…

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