Troubling CNN Segment About Shutting Down Conservatives and Right Wing Media Outlets Should Concern Us All

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

If you thought the suppression was going to stop with Twitter and social media booting President Donald Trump and other folks on the right, you would be sadly mistaken.


Democrats and their willing acolytes in media are trying to milk the moment for all its worth to stomp on anything that is other than their prescribed political narrative.

They are coming for media organs on the right and they will do it by going after any advertiser/company associated with that media organ, putting the social media mob on them.

Listen to this, the fact that people have choice is bad, Alex Stamos, a former chief security officer at Facebook, tells Brian Stelter. He suggests the “leeway” they’ve “given” people with “broad range of political views” is not good. Then he suggests that Big Tech needs to deal with Newsmax and OAN the way they deal with ISIS. They need to “turn down” the capability of conservatives to influence people. Oh, my.


CNN doesn’t even distance themselves from Stamos’ comments, it embraces them.

Now I get that they want to knock out any competition, because right wing media has been beating the snot out of CNN for years.

Has anyone at Newsmax or OAN incited violence? Of course not. This is about demonizing your competition to remove them from the political scene and control the narrative.

Meanwhile has CNN answered for why they put John Sullivan on air after what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6? Why were they giving an alleged instigator and radical leftist chaos merchant attention? Shall we talk about how CNN went after the teenaged Nick Sandmann for the sin of a smile and had to settle over their portrayal of the incident?

It’s CNN that tells continuous lies. If they’re claiming that people should be taking off the air for lies, they may need to check themselves. By this standard, they should be taking themselves off the air. But notice the supreme lack of self-awareness. They are the ones telling the unvarnished truth. They say. We’ll just forget about that Russia collusion thing they lied about for four years and their boatload of other lies that have divided the country, lies for which they take absolutely no responsibility.


The left-wing media is fond of terming the right wing as “fascists.” But it isn’t the right wing media calling to shut down the opposition, it’s them, it’s their projection of what they themselves are right now pushing. They see nothing wrong with this.


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