Now Big Tech Appears to Have Taken Down Trump's Campaign Email, Reddit Group

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

We’ve been writing about how Big Tech and Democrats are coordinating to shut down the president and other influencers on the right.

Today the reports continue as they try to cut off the president’s ability to communicate with the American people. If you thought it was just Twitter or Facebook, it looks like his campaign email has been cut and the one remaining Reddit account pertaining to Trump that they hadn’t already gone after.


A Reddit group, the “r/DonaldTrump” subreddit that promoted the president, was also shut down.

Trump has now been cut from every social media platform he had been on to reduce his reach.

They even shut down MAGA online Shopify including those run by the Trump Organization and the Trump campaign which shows it’s about even trying to crush him monetarily, it’s not really about inhibiting “inciting speech.”


The left is of course celebrating.

This, as the Democrats push for more. They call Trump and folks on the right “fascists” as they act like fascists to cut off the opposition and consolidate their power.

Which is ultimately more long lasting a threat? A riot/protest which followed months of leftist riots? Or the effort for the last four years to undermine the duly-elected president, to control the media narrative against Trump and now to shut off any any questions about the elections or any opposition to the Democratic narrative?


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