WATCH: The Utter Hypocrisy of Dems and Media Endorsing Leftist Antifa Violence

WATCH: The Utter Hypocrisy of Dems and Media Endorsing Leftist Antifa Violence
AP Photo/Noah Berger

All summer long, the liberal media was excusing or ignoring all kinds of violence because it was from the left.

They justified it claiming that it was about “civil rights” or about “police brutality.” When indeed, it wasn’t really about any such thing. The far left has wanted revolution forever. They tried the peace movement against the war, they tried the pipelines, Citizens United, bank bail out and now Black lives. While attacking the very things like capitalism and an empowering economy that benefits black lives and lives in general. But at base, whatever the current animating idea/concept drawing the present more folks in, it’s about the revolution.

Because a lot of the media is leftist, they justified it. BLM/Antifa was literally attacking federal property every night for months, attacking the USA, and they didn’t care. They even blamed the president for the BLM/Antifa rioting in Portland, claiming the police response to the poor “peaceful protesters” (who were attacking police and trying to burn down the courthouse) was excessive and the president’s fault.

Many Democrats not only encouraged them, you had Democrats encouraging leftist violence like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) encouraging people to get up in the faces of Trump officials. Democrats even praised the radical BLM at their convention, even featuring a musical BLM number. Kamala Harris and 13 Biden staffers even donated money to a bail fund for rioters in Minneapolis and encouraged other people to do so, ballooning the fund up into the millions.

Antifa was literally attacking federal property every night for months. But folks like Chris Cuomo has called them heroes and compared them to the “anti-fascists” who landed at Normandy. If they punch out people, it’s just because they’re aggrieved by fascists. Except the police, the country and everyone to their right is who they think are fascists.

They’ve suffered no consequences and now want to tag the GOP for the actions at the Capitol because the GOP dares to object to the irregularities and unconstitutional actions during the election. While the GOP has never endorsed violence. What they have said is that the concerns of millions of Americans should be heard. But the response has been to try to shut down any concerns rather than to address them. That only makes things worse.

So sorry, no, liberal media and Democrats who have endorsed violence and justified Antifa should take several seats, they have no credibility on which to comment on anything.

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