Weird Funny Numbers Went Down in Georgia Last Night, Including on Live TV on Multiple Networks

I was following the numbers in the Georgia run-offs last night very closely, as were many people. I was using the numbers from Decision Desk.

I was looking at the numbers and was doing running commentary so I have the approximate time everything happened as well.


Now although Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Sen. David Perdue were up by a lot at around 11:00 eastern – Perdue up by 120,000 and Loeffler up 87,000, there was still a lot of the area around Atlanta to come in. I was camped on the Cobb County and DeKalb County numbers because I was waiting for them to come in, to see if the Republicans could hold them off.

Before midnight, at 11:48 (Eastern), some more of that had come in but there was still 94% in for DeKalb, with 6% out. Then suddenly just after midnight, it flipped. At 12:04, when I checked, suddenly the number which had been 94% for awhile seemed to go backwards to just 92% in.

Then at 12:46, it went back up to 94% when there was a big jump for Jon Ossoff, putting him ahead by around 4000.

What’s the reason? How does the percentage of votes in go backwards? I don’t know, but I have asked Decision Desk if they can explain it and I’ll let you know if I get a response. Perhaps it was some input error.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person to see this and find this concerning.

Here’s data journalist Rich Baris also noticing the problem, and over other counties as well.


But there were also issues in inputing in DeKalb County last night according to Gabriel Sterling, the independent contractor election manager.

Manually scanned. Oh, that fills me with complete confidence that was entered without problems.

More weirdness?

How do the “votes remaining” go up?

There were also multiple videos posted showing the the vote totals for Perdue on multiple networks going down, rather than up, at various points.


If you watch the Reuters YouTube, it literally flips with Perdue numbers at 1:31:31 going backwards from 774,723 to 742,323, taking 32,000 from Perdue.

The difference now in the “official count” is Ossoff up 17,000 as of this writing.

I mention the weirdness not to stoke conspiracies but to ask what’s going on in these instances? If it were one network, perhaps it’s a weird input error on their part. But multiple networks, seeing it live, the question would seem to to be at the origin of the feed. So why is it jumping around like that? What gives, Georgia?


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