BREAKING: Biden Names AG Pick, You May Remember Who This Is, Left Goes Crazy

BREAKING: Biden Names AG Pick, You May Remember Who This Is, Left Goes Crazy
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Joe Biden reportedly has just announced his pick for Attorney General, perhaps with supreme irony.

Biden is picking Merrick Garland, the man who Barack Obama nominated for the Supreme Court but who was not given a hearing by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell because Republicans were in the Senate Majority.

Garland has been on the federal appeals court in Washington DC since 1997. He also worked in private practice, was a federal prosecutor, a senior official in the DOJ’s criminal division, and as the principal associate deputy attorney general.

Many on the left and in media (yes, I know, redundant) are kvelling over the choice.

More unbiased CNN:

What utter nonsense. You don’t own a seat. You don’t get it automatically because a president nominates. If the Senate is in opposition they don’t have to approve you and it’s their prerogative to reject you. That’s the Constitution. If you don’t like how Garland was handled, then blame Harry Reid for all he did to cause that.

Some were upset that Biden picked more of a centrist and not a leftist. Garland was selected over other contenders for the job including former Alabama senator Doug Jones, who lost his Senate seat last month, and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.

But one has to wonder if Biden really wanted to stick it in McConnell’s face or achieve synchronicity, why isn’t he holding Garland for the Supreme Court pick that would likely arise if Justice Stephen Breyer retires? Saving the seat for more of a leftist?

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