Trump Tweets About Reported Problems With Dominion Machines Today in Georgia Race, Election Manager Responds

Trump Tweets About Reported Problems With Dominion Machines Today in Georgia Race, Election Manager Responds
Screenshot via Twitter/Fox News

While we wrote about the normal course of events favoring the Republicans in the run-offs in Georgia and Democrats not feeling hopeful about their chances of winning based upon the facts, that’s if there’s no funny business that goes on.

But here we go, this morning came the reports of problems already in multiple voting precincts in Georgia of problems with Dominion voting systems. And oh hey, just coincidentally, they’re Republican precincts. Who’d a thunk?

This looked like part of the same question:

Sen. David Perdue reported about them.

The voting systems implementation manager, Gabriel Sterling, acknowledged there were issues.

President Donald Trump tweeted about the issues shortly after noon.

By then, Sterling claimed the issues had been resolved. But sorry, people holding onto ballots they haven’t scanned and telling voters they’ll be scanned later, if that’s what actually happened, doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence now. People are reporting him as a “Georgia official” but he’s actually an independent contractor which is more than a little odd.

From Washington Examiner:

WRDW/WAGT, local CBS and NBC affiliates, explained that in the voting system, “which the state has used for less than a year, voters receive a key card to activate a voting machine, then use a touch screen on the machine to make their selections. The machine prints a paper ballot, which voters take to a scanning station and insert to record their votes.”

Hours earlier, Sterling announced in a tweet that there was a “programming error on security keys” for some scanners and poll workers’ cards at the start of the day. He said that the voting locations were still operating but doing so on “backup emergency” paper ballots.

Now, hopefully, that means the issues are minor and resolved, that they don’t have an impact on the vote.

Trump called for everyone to “flood the Swamp” the night before at his rally, to come out in droves to vote to overwhelm any possible issues by sheer numbers. It may take a while to shake out who’s won, we likely won’t know tonight given all the early voting and mail-in ballots.

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