Ted Cruz Drops Bill de Blasio With One Sentence Over NYC Rioters Attacking Occupied Cars

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My colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell wrote about the ten worst mayors in America.

It’s definitely a tough call as to who is the worst since so many seemed to be vying for the crown. But Mayor Bill de Blasio, who O’Connell ranked at number 2, definitely is right up there.


De Blasio has been a horrible mayor for a long time. But the Wuhan coronavirus accentuated his awfulness. Even after it was clear it was quite contagious, he encouraged people to ride on the subway in March. He then made it clear that he didn’t understand when the rest of us did that, yes, you could catch it through the air and through relatively casual contact.

Then in the middle of the defund the police madness, de Blasio did away with the anti-crime unit to satiate the BLM radicals. The anti-crime unit was critical to addressing gun crime. Naturally gun crime and murders with guns then skyrocketed, even a little one year old baby was shot to death.

On top of all that, NY did away with holding people on bail except for “violent crime.” So basically everyone who doesn’t practically murder someone is just released to continue to commit crimes. Naturally, what does that do? It communicates there is no immediate punishment for your bad criminal actions and so encourages more criminal actions.

So perhaps in the wake of all that, it’s not surprising what was caught on video in broad daylight in the middle of 5th Avenue. About 50 boys on bikes and scooters stopped traffic in the middle of the street and rioted, attacking cars. This is right around the corner from where I worked for several years so I know it well and walked through it frequently. While it’s 5th Avenue, it’s a pretty non-problematic area. Thanks, Mayor de Blasio!


So where are the cops? Where’s Bill de Blasio? The NYPD used to be one of the best police departments in the country. But de Blasio has effectively neutered it. Oh, except for certain things, as Senator Ted Cruz observed.

“For a group this size outside in @BillDeBlasio’s New York City,” Cruz said, “Those rioters are lucky they weren’t Jews gathering to pray or mourn.”


Boy, is Cruz over the target on that one! If these were Jews trying to pray, De Blasio would be all over their gathering. But BLM protests or other riots like this, not so much. You can see the kids just laugh and ride off, believing there are no consequences for their actions.

This is the dangerous new normal we’re getting in Democratic cities like this.

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